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Don't let this smiley, kind hearted guy fool you. The big fellow packs a mean punch and will have you working up a sweat - no excuses! Leo likes to think he is Dwayne Johnson's doppelgänger with Lebron James' skills - it's a good thing his Tribute family and his wife and kids, keep him humble. Specialising in strength and conditioning, building booties and boxing, Leo started coaching as he wanted to inspire his Samoan community and extended family to prioritise health and wellbeing.

You will see Leo around the gym leading by example and proving that if you "show up, put in the work, have fun and be grateful" you will achieve big things in life.

Petera "Putts" Tamarua

Coach Putts is one of our longstanding coaches and has really made a name for himself - especially among our members. Specialising in results based training through exercise movement and teaching boxing fundamentals in a fun and inclusive environment, Putts pulls inspiration from his favourite boxer, none other than Ali.

Before becoming a well respected boxing coach, Coach Putts played rugby league for Melbourne Storm and spun a few beats at Splendour in The Grass festival (2012), so it would also come as no surprise that he was also a fashion blogger - which becomes even more evident if you stalk Putts & wifey's Instagram.When he's not around the gym helping you all reach your goals, he's at home being a loving husband and father and probably eating Prawn Linguini.

Jelena "Jelly" Prziovska-Strachan

Every peanut butter needs a Jelly right?
Well here at Tribute Boxing, Coach Jelly is just that. Joining the family at the tender age of 18, she quickly became everyones sweet little sister, but don't let that fool you - growing up as a state shotput & discus thrower, this coach now packs a punch with her 2x National Championship Title Belts. Specialising in all things boxing inspired by Mickey Ward, Jelly believes the best fighters in the world have mastered the basics and that is exactly what she embodies. When she's not in the gym rapping every lyric of Eminem or HP Boyz, she's at home with her boyfriend, meticulously calorie counting to fit in her beloved Coles branded Choc Chip Cookies.

Coach Sya

Recently married coach Sya is the real OG. Like all great Tribute stories, he was a member who came for the vibes and to hit something, was asked one day to hold pads and the rest is history. Respecting Mayweather, he understands that although he may be outmanned in speed and strength, his wits and boxing IQ is how he still manages to beat his opponents and this nuance is why Coach Sya fell in love with boxing.

When he's not KBBQ'ing, he's probably watching his portfolio fluctuate thanks to the erratic nature of Bitcoin.

Bec 'The Punisher' Cerra

Coach Bec AKA The Punisher has been training martial arts for 9 years. She played basketball for over 15 years and decided to try something new and start her martial arts journey. Don't let her smile fool you, she has fought in MMA and members know when they come to her class there is always 'The Punisher' round to end a class. Coach Bec specialises in teaching boxing, Muay Thai and also strength & conditioning. She has also coached 3 of the Tribute Fight night teams. Bec became a coach to help inspire and share her passion for martial arts and fitness to others. When she isn't training she enjoys reading her comic books.

Find out more about Coach Bec on her Instagram @rebeccacerra

Sam "Spuxxy" McBride

Gather round ladies, Coach Sammy aka Coach Spuxxy or Coach Cutie is coming in hot ... and single. Whilst studying, Coach Spuxxy was offered a job at Tribute in order to build on his knowledge in the boxing community, fast forward a few years and he has not only accumulated 12 years worth of boxing and Muay Thai knowledge, he's stuck around for the people and community that he has so easily slotted into and we just can't seem to shake him.

When asked about who inspired him, Spuxxy found that in his New York boxing coach, Leon Moore. Leon's ability to selflessly put other coaches, boxers and disadvantaged youth before himself, whilst still maintaining a respectable ranking in the world (No #3) at his peak showed that mindset and consistency are the most important aspects of training. Can be found enjoying Thai (frequently) and if you find yourself around the gym and talking to a blank looking Spuxxy, he probably isn't ignoring you, no he's just deaf in his right ear .. so try again using his left ear.

Uyen Ha

Move aside gentlemen, Professional MMA fighter Coach Uyen (or Win) is a force to be reckoned with. She has not only fought on an international stage, she did this all while studying a double degree in Law and International Relations as she interned at an NGO for the United Nations in New York City. Specialising in good fundamentals and technique, combat sport has given Uyen the confidence and community she never knew she needed and with this, the athlete she favours the most is none other than herself; living and breathing the Tribute value of "Backing Yourself".

If the above didn't impress you, you can see for yourself as she's solidified an online presence on Instagram @UyenMMA or at

Andres "Spicy" Greensmith

If you have been around the gym, then there is a strong chance you have run into our Coach Andres, also known as Coach Dre, or most commonly known as Coach Spicy - and spicy he is. This Mexican Kiwi specialises in padwork, boxing technique, health and wellbeing and believes there is always room for improvement and you'll only get out what you put in. Looking up to fighter Conner Benn for the energy and aura he gives off as not only a fighter, but a person as well, Coach Spicy took some time to self reflect on personal experiences and in turn, this has helped mould him into the coach he is today in order to help others realise their own potential as well.
Seen in a singlet all year round, Coach Spicy enjoys Peking Duck, and too less of a surprise - Tacos Al Pastor. Find out more if you follow him in Instagram @andresgreensmith

Rachel Jay

Coach Rachel (or Rach) is a pocket rocket and ball of absolute energy! Initially, she became a coach for the love of mental fitness and helping people and has since incorporated mindset, nutrition, pilates, core conditioning and boxing into her repertoire - she really does it all!

With a community like Tribute, Coach Rach looks up to all of the fighters in the group because she is always learning and feeding off the collective energy when the coaches are all together.

With this energy, she wholeheartedly believes that mental and physical fitness are inextricably linked and that when you work to strengthen one, the other will follow.

When she's not embodying all things fitness, she's enjoying japanese, chippies or laksa - cause everyone needs a little spice in their life.

Tay Acheson

Looking to get stronger, fitter, faster & more powerful - Coach Taylor is your man.

Tay is a strength & conditioning specialist that loves all things speed & power! With a background in rugby union Tay has transitioned over to boxing to widen his skill set and help educate a new community in looking after their bodies better. With vast experience in rehab, strength training, conditioning, periodisation & programming, he loves to educate members as he coaches, empowering them to take accountability and help make positive changes in their lives.

When he isn't in the gym coaching or training himself, you'll likely find him at Shop Ramen or at home working his creative hand on a canvas.

Check out his handles for more info - @tailoredtoperform |

Meg Matheson

Coach Meg started in the Fitness Industry as Personal Trainer dabbling in all areas and came to Tribute to make Boxing her niche. Her training sessions focus on the 4 pillars of health - Exercise, Nutrition, Mindset and Sleep. She grew up playing state age Netball and competed in surf competitions on the South Coast of NSW and believes the two sports helped strengthen her own relationship with the 4 pillars of health from a young age.

Meg's philosophy focuses on continual lifelong learning while working towards enhancing the overall wellbeing of herself and those that work with her by empowering them with knowledge, support and guidance to a healthier and happier life. Meg specialises in pad holding, back to basics (foundational training), core development/conditioning and mobility, movement and flexibility training.

When she's not working as a fitness coach she's working as a Movement Specialist/ ABA therapist for kids with Autism. Otherwise you can find her at the beach, catching sunsets and enjoying peppermint tea with her main squeeze

Check her out on socials @move.with.meg or @meg_oui